Issue 3 Cover and ToC Reveal!

Issue 3 drops in one week, so it's that time again: feast your eyes on the cover and table of contents for our final issue of the year!


Our third issue's exquisite cover, "The Weight of Dreams," is the work of Bell, and lends our final cover of the year an at once, and appropriately, autumnal and wintry feel as we prepare to see out the old year and embrace the new. Our cover design is, as always, courtesy of the most excellent Monica Miller.


The Poet and the Spider - Cynthia So
Learning to Swim - Mimi Mondal
Death Comes to Elisha - Iona Sharma
Diary of War - Joyce Chng


Why I Hate The Sparrow. A Lot. - Diana What

All of Issue 3's content goes online, free to read, December 5th, at which time eBooks of the issue will also be available to purchase. Individual issues of Anathema are priced at $3.99 (CAD), and are available (as are subscriptions) through our Store.

See you in a week!