Issue 3 is Live! And: Our 2017 Award Eligible Content!

Our third and final issue of 2017 went live last week! Issue 3 is both free to read online and available to purchase from our Store. Subscriptions are also available.

We're posting the news a little later than usual (we like to hit the blog on release day) as the last week has been unusually hectic for the editorial team. So instead of blogging, we spent the bulk of our time on Anathema using social media to blast the release news and focused on fulfillment of materials owed to our contributors, subscribers, and reviewers. Speaking to which: if you want to receive review copies of the mag, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. And we're especially interested in hearing from diverse and marginalized reviewers.

Issue 3's lineup has original fiction from Cynthia So ("The Poet and the Spider"), Mimi Mondal ("Learning to Swim"), Iona Sharma ("Death Comes to Elisha"), and Joyce Chng ("Diary of War"), as well as original non-fiction from Diana What ("Why I Hate The Sparrow. A Lot."). Our ridiculously beautiful cover is Bell's "The Weight of Dreams."

Issue 3's smaller than our first two, clocking in at a mere 14,550 words. And though lighter on its feet, it's no less fierce than our previous issues. In our editorial, we've cited this issue's theme as acceptance, but for a broader (and excellent) overview of Issue 3, we highly recommend reading non-fiction contributor Diana What's Twitter meta-thread of her mini reviews of the issue. We wholeheartedly agree with her reactions, recommendations, and cross of gushing and critical breakdown of the issue.

In this issue's editorial we also talk about the variation in themes we've seen over the course of publishing Anathema in 2017: wonder and awe in our first issue, rebellion and resistance in our second, and (hope and) acceptance in our third. It's been quite a year. Despite being a story light in our third issue and running only those three issues in 2017, we've published 18 pieces of original content (14 stories, 3 essays, and one original cover), amounting to nearly 65,000 words.

And the best part? While Anathema itself isn't eligible for consideration for a number of awards (we don't meet the semi-professional qualifier because we only produce three issues a year), our original content is eligible for a whole slew of awards!

Two of our stories (Nibedita Sen's "Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree" and Wen Ma's "Everything You Left Behind") are currently on the Nebula Awards Suggested Reading List, and we hope to see more of our stories on recommendation lists as the year winds down. To that end, below we're listing our original content for the year, broken down by issue and word count, to help make it easier to nominate our content for an award(s), should you find yourself motivated to do so.


Anathema, Issue 1, April 2017

Olokun’s Children” by Pear Nuallak
(Cover Art)

A Complex Filament of Light” by S. Qiouyi Lu
(Short Story, 3,400 Words)

Swan’s Grace” by Tony Pi
(Novelette, 8,250 Words)

The Woman With a Thousand Stars in Her Hair” by Ayodele Olofintuade
(Short Story, 5,700 Words)

Blood Song” by Brent Lambert
(Short Story, 5,725 Words)

Aqua Mirabilis” by Stephanie Chan
(Short Story, 4,550 Words)

Being Otherwise: Between Starshine and Clay” by Alexis Teyie
(Non-Fiction, 2,200 Words)


Anathema, Issue 2 (August 2017)

Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree” by Nibedita Sen
(Short Story, 3,025 Words)

Beneath the Briar Patch” by Craig Laurance Gidney
(Short Story, 4,575 Words)

Everything You Left Behind” by Wen Ma
(Short Story, 3,650 Words)

‘Punch God (in the Face)’ by the Harmnones” by Brandon O’Brien
(Short Story, 6,175 Words)

Eruption” by Jaymee Goh
(Short Story, 3,900 Words)

Say Her Name: The Eternal Lives of Get Out‘s Heroine” by Renee Christopher
(Non-Fiction, 1,700 Words)


Anathema, Issue 3 (December 2017)

The Poet and the Spider” by Cynthia So
(Short Story, 4,975 Words)

Learning to Swim” by Mimi Mondal
(Short Story, 2,975 Words)

Death Comes to Elisha” by Iona Sharma
(Short Story, 1,775 Words)

Diary of War” by Joyce Chng
(Short Story, 1,675 Words)

Why I Hate The Sparrow. A Lot.” by Diana What
(Non-Fiction, 3,150 Words)


Award talk momentarily aside, now that our 2017 releases are all out in the world, and while there's still a ton of work left for us before 2018 lands, it's time for you, potential submitters, to start looking toward January:

Come the new year we're going to open to submissions year round, rather than the rolling submission periods we've used this year. We're doing this both so we have more flexibility in what stories we have to work with at any given time (and not get caught a story light for an issue, as happened twice this year), and so we can get our first round responses out faster.

And what do we want to see from you next year? First: your best work, your boldest ideas and wildest imaginings, and your quiet, exquisite wonders. Second: we absolutely want to see more subs (F/NF/Art) from queer Latinx and Two-Spirit Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations writers and artists from all regions, internationally.

That said, as long as you're eligible to send something to us and you have a piece you love, send it our way. We want to see it!

It's been an honour and a privilege to work with our 2017 contributors, and, as always, we look forward so much to seeing what we'll have to work with in 2018. And if you have questions related to the coming submissions year, or, really, just want to get in touch with us for any reason, you can always find us on Twitter @anathemaspec, catch up with us on Anathema's Facebook page and our Tumblr page, or reach us here via the Contact page.

And for now, enjoy Issue 3!