March Updates and Issue 1 Submission Responses

As it's now March we've sent out all of our acceptances and rejections for the inaugural issue's (April 2017) submissions. If you sent us a submission for Issue 1 and haven't heard back from us please send a query as either your submission or our response has gone astray. The exception here is for those who sent us solicited work to consider - all solicited content we haven't replied to yet is still under consideration for future issues.

We'll be announcing the full list of contributors once everything's in place. But in the meantime, keep an eye out for some of our excellent contributors to Issue 1 announcing their sales. We don't embargo any of our contributors from announcing their sales, so feel free to widen the signal on their announcements. We'll certainly be doing so.

We've got a fantastic inaugural issue coming together, and we'll be doing a couple of reveals of art and content before the issue drops. You can follow along with us here, on Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with the previews.

We reopen to unsolicited submissions on May 1st, but we're always open to queries relating to submissions so if you have questions, please ask.