Issue 1 Cover and ToC Reveal!

It's finally that time! Our inaugural issue drops in one week, but today we reveal the cover and table of contents for Issue 1:

Our absolutely gorgeous (we're aware we're biased) cover art is Olokun's Children by Pear Nuallak, with the image based on Ayodele Olofintuade's story. Our cover design (and logo redesign) comes courtesy of Monica Miller.


A Complex Filament of Light - S. Qiouyi Lu
Swan's Grace - Tony Pi
The Woman With a Thousand Stars in Her Hair - Ayodele Olofintuade
Blood Song - Brent Lambert
Aqua Mirabilis - Stephanie Chan


Being Otherwise: Between Starshine and Clay - Alexis Teyie

All of Issue 1's content goes online, free to read, April 4th, at which time eBooks of the issue will also be available to purchase. Individual issues of Anathema are priced at $3.99 (CAD), and are available (as are subscriptions) through our Store.

See you on the 4th!