News about Fundraising, and We Want Your Input:

On Twitter, we promised news for you today, and here it is:

The Anathema Patreon account we talked about during the crowdfunding campaign is launching come June!

With the Patreon we're looking to fund expanding content in the form of reviews, raise pay rates for contributors, and have funds to put together annual print anthologies of each calendar year's content. (Which will at least initially be available only to Patreon backers.)

We started Anathema on a reasonably small scale so we could build up more content and better rates as we go along, and the Patreon's how we're going to do the latter. We'll be using the Patreon to double, then eventually triple the current rates for fiction and non-fiction. Paying pro rates is the eventual goal for the magazine, but we've got to keep Anathema running first.

On that note: the Patreon is specifically to raise funds to expand the magazine's operations, not to raise or cover the funds to run the magazine itself. Our overall fundraising right now is a balancing act:

We use our subscription and individual issue sales to fund the base cost of the magazine, including the current pay rates for content/cover art, the web hosting, and cover design - everything else we handle ourselves in-house (eBook layout, design, and production; running the website and producing content; and editorial work). So at this point, the subscriptions and issue sales are how we keep the lights on.

Which means we'd absolutely love it if you took a moment to browse through our Store and see if anything strikes your fancy. :)

As for the Patreon, we've got most of our cost projections and goal lines worked out, but we're still working out some of the specifics as we get it ready for launch. And you can help:

We know some of the rewards we want to offer Patreon patrons, but we'd love to hear from you, our readers, about what kind of rewards/incentives you'd like to see for offering support. We're opening up comments on this blog so you can leave suggestions. If we get responses on that front, great. If not, we've still got a few things in the works. ;)