Our Submissions Window Reopens in Two Weeks!

As many of you already know, while we read solicited submissions throughout the year, we're only open to unsolicited submissions three months out of the year. And our second submission window of 2017 is coming up fast. As in: two weeks away fast.

And while it feels like practically no time at all has passed since the last submission window ended, we're very much looking forward to diving back in!

You can find our Submission Guidelines here.

Now that Issue 1's out, you can also go read the issue (for free) to see what kind of stories we're drawn to. Though don't let what's in the issue define what you send us. As long as you're a queer POC/Aboriginal/Indigenous writer/artist, we want to see your work. And while we're leaning more toward filling our non-fiction slots in house right now, we're still open to pitches and non-fiction pieces coming in as submissions.

It's true that we generally stay away from saying exactly what we want to see so we don't predispose people to sending us only those things, but there are some things we do want right now:

1. More submissions (fiction, non-fiction, and art) from Latinx, Indigenous, and Aboriginal creators. Our outreach and connections are better in other communities and we're redressing that, starting by expanding our soliciting and general outreach. But if you're a Latinx, Indigenous, and/or Aboriginal writer/artist we absolutely want to see your work.

2. More submissions from artists. We have our cover artist for Issue 2 lined up, but art submissions in any given window aren't considered only for the next issue (unlike with fiction and non-fiction submissions). We keep a file of every artist we're interested in reaching out to and every artist who's reached out to us. We like to consider a wide range of styles, and we're interested in both original and reprint art, so we do want to hear from you if you're interested in working with us.

And I suppose I should mention that there is one thing we really don't want to see again in the slush:

Stories from straight white people. Because we could really fucking do without having to wade through more white cishet dude-authored stories. We had several people in the last submissions window assume we just wouldn't notice, I guess?

(Spoiler: we noticed.)

Anathema is specifically a market for queer POC/Aboriginal/Indigenous creators. That's the entirety of our mandate. Fit that requirement? Fantastic! Send us your work when we open again in May 1st!