Next Submission Window Opens in One Week (May 1st)!

A shorter submissions update this time: We're now one week from reopening to unsolicited submissions. You can find our submission guidelines here, and we talked about some of what we want to see (including more subs from Latinx/Indigenous/Aboriginal creators) in our previous blog post.

If you're not yet familiar with the magazine and would like a better idea of the kind of content we've run thus far, you can read the first issue (April 2017) for free. But we do want to stress that we're interested in a broad range of content, so as long as you're a queer POC/Indigenous/Aboriginal creator, we want to see your work.

The only restrictions on that point are that for fiction and non-fiction we only consider speculative, original content. Though we're always happy to consider reprint art for our covers.

We'll be open to unsolicited submissions (fiction, non-fiction, and art) the entire month of May, so polish your work and send it our way. We're very much looking forward to seeing your subs!