We're Open to Unsolicited Submissions Through May!

It's May 1st, and we're officially open to subs again!

We'll be open to unsolicited submissions the entire month of May, reading for Issue 2.

Our previous statement that we would like to see more work from Latinx, Aboriginal, and Indigenous creators this sub period holds true. But as long as you're a queer POC/Aboriginal/Indigenous creator, send us your work!

Find our submission guidelines here.

And a quick breakdown for those new to the mag:

We pay $50 (CAD) for original fiction/non-fiction and $100 (CAD) for original/reprint art.

What do we want? Speculative content! All the spec! We want your slightly spec work, your unabashedly spec work, your kind-of-sort-of-wait-is-this-lit? spec work. Any genres! All genres! We want your slightly queer and your super queer work. And the work you love that's been near impossible to place. (Though try pro markets first. You deserve to get paid pro rates.)

But as long as you're a queer POC/Indigenous/Aboriginal creator we WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK.

What have we bought in past? Read Issue 1 for free here.

Don't limit yourself to the kind of storytelling you see there, but Issue 1's a good example of our mandate at work.

We expect to find our inbox flooded with your amazing, staggering, astounding work throughout the month!

We'll be updating on what we want to see more of from the slush pile throughout May. But in the meantime, SUBMIT! :D