We're Halfway Through May's Submission Window!

May's already run half its course, and is it just us or is this month going fast? You now have two weeks remaining to submit your fiction, non-fiction, and art for consideration for Issue 2.

We've seen some excellent work, though not yet as much in this submission window as we'd like so we'd love a higher submissions rate in the second half of the month. We fully expect the end of period flood of submissions that any publication or anthology gets, and we absolutely still want to see more work from Latinx, Indigenous, and Aboriginal creators, as previously discussed.

And speaking to submissions and things of note: It's been fascinating here that we've seen very little horror, which is entirely not what we were expecting. Thus far, as well, only really a couple pieces of weird fiction, and those verged more into surrealism. The bulk of what we've seen has been a combination of fabulism, science fiction, and fantasy, the latter of which ranges from contemporary to dark to secondary world. And that spread describes fairly well the makeup of our first issue, which was absolutely indicative of the constitution of our slush pile.

We'll note for those planning to submit in this period that we're seeing some stories that are too close to what we ran in the first issue. There's always a delicate balance at work in terms of repeating yourself from one issue of a magazine to the next, and it means that we're not likely to buy something too close in terms of tone, theme, or plot to anything we ran in Issue 1. If you haven't read Issue 1 yet, you can do so here to get a better idea of what we've already published.

Thus far, our sweet spot on fiction submissions is proving to be between ~3,000 - 6,000 words. We do still want to see work in the entire range of our soft min/max, but the strongest work we've read so far has been reasonably within that length range.

And because it's come up, we are only running standalone material: we can't consider novel excerpts. We're absolutely open to prose poetry, though it's proven a harder sell thus far. And we love non-standard forms of storytelling, including hybrid styles. We haven't yet seen any hypertext fiction, and we're admittedly curious to see if we're going to get any in the slush.

In truth, it's still early enough in the process that we have almost no idea what the final makeup of Issue 2 will look like, so we're open to anything you want to send -- as long as it fits our guidelines.

Now is the time to wow us. Send us something absolutely extraordinary, be it fiction, non-fiction, or art. And we'll keep everyone updated on our submissions as the window continues!