Patreons, Subscription Drives, and Fundraising! Oh My!

We've been gearing up to launch our Patreon this month, and every time we ramp up to do it one thing or another comes up demanding time and attention. Having a small staff has decided advantages and disadvantages: On one hand, the leap from planning to implementation of an idea can be near immediate. On the other hand, sometimes a project is too much for staff to take on a given point, and you have to shuffle around priorities.

Right now, we're experiencing the latter. Given that we have only so many hands to go round, and an awful lot to get done this year and to begin prepping for next year's run of issues, we're moving the Patreon back to January (2018) to give ourselves more time to prepare for it and devote proper time and attention to it. This lets us focus on gathering year two's fundraising for our base costs before we go after Patreon-funded expanded content and raised pay rates for our contributors.

So how are we doing the base fundraising for year two? I'm so glad you asked. :D

As many of you already know, we raise year-to-year funds through the sale of individual issues and subscriptions. We have part of the funds we need for year two so far, and if the launch of Issue 2 in August holds to pattern, we'll be looking at another subscription boost then.

Whether we get that expected boost or not though, we'll be running a Subscription Drive for the whole of October to make up whatever remaining amount we need to fund year two. 

While we respect the approach many mags take in crowdfunding year to year, it's too unpredictable a method for us to fall back on. We much prefer to employ a self-sustaining model via subscriptions (and eventually the Patreon for expansion). Given how comparatively little it costs to run a year of Anathema (less than $2,000 CAD annually for everything, including paying our contributors and website hosting) we think the subscriptions will be enough.

And that's where you come in. If you don't already have a subscription to Anathema, you can pick up a year's worth of content (three issues) for $10 CAD. We offer one-, two-, and five-year subscriptions (handled by number of issues rather than a calendar year). And we also offer gift subscriptions if you want to give the gift of Anathema.

Anathema's content will always be free to read online, because it's the best way to make sure everyone has access to the work of the creators we want to give voice to. So while our subscription and individual issue sales may help with making the mag more conveniently readable on some devices (and offline), your subscriptions are much more about supporting the mag and helping us do the work Anathema was built for.

We've already had the chance to hand the mic to some incredible voices, we've got more exceptional work coming your way in August, and we plan on doing this for a long time to come. With your help, we can continue to make Anathema one more freely, publicly accessible space for the work of queer POC/indigenous/Aboriginal creators to shine.

Come October, we'll be leaning heavily on the subscription drive to make our fund drive goal (whatever that necessary number turns out to be), and in the meantime every time you spread the word about Anathema you're helping expand the readership, expand the signal reach of our amazing writers and artists, and helping us find potential subscribers to keep the mag going.

And as always, we want to remind everyone that Anathema's staff makes no money from the mag: the funds from every sale in our store go straight to paying contributors and keeping the website running. So however you're able to help, you're directly helping the voices we provide a podium for.

To all those of you already subscribed to Anathema, we can't say thank you strongly enough, and we hope you've been enjoying the mag's content so far. The feedback we've had to date has been nothing but positive (and some of it exceptionally generous).

And for everyone who's been reading along, in whatever format, online or via subscription, and to all the new readers just discovering that we're out here: we think you're going to love what we're pulling together for Issue 2. :)