Reprint News, Courtesy of Cast of Wonders!

We're delighted to be able to announce that Cast of Wonders has reprinted S. Qiouyi Lu's "A Complex Filament of Light" from Issue 1! S.' story appears on CoW's site today in both audio and text, and we're so happy to see this story get a second life and a much larger platform.

You can listen to S. narrate their own story at the link above, and below we wanted to share with you the thoroughly lovely (and deeply apt) promo image Cast of Wonders put together for the reprint:

CoW 254.png

If you've not yet read the story, you owe it to yourself to listen. And if you have, we invite you to go hear it given new life by S.

Magazines don't really have much control over which stories they've run will get reprinted in Year's Best anthologies or alternate formats. You pick the work you love and hope other editors will see what made that story special to you and want to share it likewise. So it's always worth celebrating when that's the case, and we offer our sincere congratulations to S. on the reprint!

And if you're not already listening to Cast of Wonders as a matter of course, you absolutely should. They produce gorgeous work, both original and reprint.