Issue 2 is Now Live!

Our second issue is finally here! Anathema's August 2017 issue launches today, and the issue's free to read online, and available to purchase from our StoreSubscriptions are also available.

Subscription and review copies will be mailed out throughout the day, and we're happy to hear from anyone who'd like to receive a free eBook review copy. We're especially interested in hearing from diverse and marginalized reviewers, but happy to get review copies to whoever wants them.

Issue 2's line-up has original fiction from Nibedita Sen ("Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree"), Craig Laurance Gidney ("Beneath the Briar Patch"), Wen Ma ("Everything You Left Behind"), Brandon O'Brien ("'Punch God (in the Face)' by The Harmnones"), and Jaymee Goh ("Eruption"), as well as original non-fiction from Renee Christopher ("Say Her Name: The Eternal Lives of Get Out's Heroine"). Our fucking gorgeous cover (yes, we're horribly biased, but also right) is Vivian Ng's "gorgon," which originally appeared in Ladies of Literature: Volume 2.

At a little over 24,000 words, Issue 2 clocked in somewhat shorter than our first (which was 30,000 words). In part that's because we had no novelettes this issue (the longest story in Issue 2 is just shy of 6,200 words) and most of our fiction was around our 3,000-4,000 word sweet spot. We love longer fiction, but the solicits and the slush pile were full of somewhat shorter works this time round. We'll see where the next issue takes us in that regard, but right now we're delighted with what Issue 2 has to offer our readers and subscribers.

Speaking to Issue 3, with our next unsolicited submission window opening September 1st, in addition to the standard call we want to repeat here an additional invitation made in this issue's editorial:

For the coming issue, we actively want to see more subs (fiction, non-fiction, and art) from queer and Two Spirit Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations writers and artists from all regions, internationally. Our outreach in Indigenous communities has been less than we’d like, and that’s on us. The soliciting goes on, but we want to be direct in this case: your work is wanted here, now and always.

That said, right now we're looking forward to seeing the reactions to our second issue. Your feedback on the first issue, your reviews, and your sharing of the work you loved was immensely gratifying to see from so many corners, and we're hoping to reach still more people with the new issue.

You can always find us on Twitter @anathemaspec, catch up with us on Anathema's Facebook page and our Tumblr page, or reach us here via the Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy the new issue!