One Week Until We Reopen to Submissions!

On September 1st we reopen to unsolicited submissions and we're looking forward to seeing what this next round of slush brings!

As always you can find our guidelines here. And if you're not yet familiar with what we publish but are considering submitting work, you can see everything we've run so far free to read online in Issue 1 and Issue 2.

Some of you may recall that we had to move content planned for Issue 2 to Issue 3, so we have some work already lined up for the next issue. But we still have to fill the bulk of the December issue. We're also interested in seeing some longer fiction to run in Issue 3 -- our upper word count limit is soft, we just ask that you not go too far above it. And yes, 10k is too far. ;)

That said, we still want to see whatever you have to send us as long as it fits our general guidelines. And, as always, we'll be soliciting from groups we don't hear from as often, but we absolutely still want to see more unsolicited submissions (F/NF/Art) from Latinx and Indigenous/Aboriginal creators. And re that last point, we'll repeat a passage from Issue 2's editorial:

Starting with the coming issue (December’s issue three) we actively want to see more subs (fiction, non-fiction, and art) from queer and Two Spirit Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations writers and artists from all regions, internationally. Our outreach in Indigenous communities has been less than we’d like, and that’s on us. The soliciting goes on, but we want to be direct in this case: your work is wanted here, now and always.

We've been extremely lucky with what's come our way through the slush pile and solicitations thus far. And we fully expect to see that excellence continue with what we get to consider for the coming issue, so thank you in advance and please don't self-reject. If you're eligible to send us something, we absolutely want to see something from you.

See you all back here in a week!