Issue 5 Cover and ToC Reveal!

It's been a busy year so far. What with finding new content and all, some fundraising (successfully netting us this year's entire costs!), and, oh, right, S. Qiouyi Li's "A Complex Filament of Light" from Issue 1 getting reprinted in Transcendent 3: The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, edited by Bogi Takács!

So a busy year outwardly, but quieter here on the blog as we fall back to making most of our announcements via social media. Especially as going open to subs year round removed the need to announce sub window openings and closures.

But we do still use the blog to do cover and ToC reveals. And hey, guess what: Issue 5 is out in 4 DAYS!

Which means with everything finally in place you get to see what the new issue's going to look like a little early! Feast upon the gloriousness that is Issue 5 (August 2018):


Our second issue of 2018's deliciously atmospheric cover, "Recluse," comes courtesy of Maria Nguyen, whose work is, generally, exquisite. But this piece is particularly perfect for an Issue 5 especially concerned with stories of trying to understand your place in the world. (Not like that's a major theme of queer identity or anything. *cough cough*) Cover design is courtesy of Anathema stalwart, Monica Miller.


The Pull of the Herd - Suzan Palumbo
A Shoal of Lovers Leads me Home - Ama Josephine Budge
Paper Magic - Kerry Truong
Control - Davian Aw
Versions of the Sun - A.J. Hammer


The Outsider's Guide to Beauty - Sarah K.A. Fuller

All of Issue 5's content goes online, free to read, August 14th, at which time eBooks of the issue will also be available to purchase. Individual issues of Anathema are priced at $3.99 (CAD), and are available (as are subscriptions) through our Store.

See you in a week!