We're Running a Subscription Drive this October!

So, hey, have you heard the news? (Which we’re literally just announcing now.)



You may have noticed we got kicked off Goodreads. (Along with FIYAH and Fireside, both of whom you should support because they do exceptional work and they’re run by awesome people.)

Ironically, getting kicked off Goodreads has worked out better for us than being on there. In the wake of that racist mag purge we’ve met so many lovely people online, boosted our subscriptions count and issues sales as people found us through reportage and word of mouth, and gained a wealth of new readers.

And, wouldn’t you know it, that entire fiasco timed out excellently for us as we’d been debating for a while about how best to gear up for a low-key subscription drive in October. (Because what better way to support the mag than buying subscriptions?) All while work and life commitments made finding the time for a full run-up tricky.

Thank you, Goodreads, for that unexpected boost in visibility. Your bigoted bullshit backfired.

Anathema - Janelle Monae - Motherfucker.gif


We don’t enjoy crowdfunding (understatement is understated), but we love interacting with people and introducing new readers to the mag. And we want to finally fucking double our pay rates starting next year.

So we’re going to see if we can double our subscriptions count as well to help get us there. Probably won’t save us having to do some crowdfunding in 2019, but any less we have to do in the dead of winter is a load off our minds.

We have just over 80 active subscriptions as we begin the month. We want to add another 100 (or as near as we can get) over the course of October. Given that we’re a relatively small mag, is that:

  • Ambitious? Yes.

  • Possible? Also yes.

  • Advisable? Did you miss the part where we want to pay people more money?


We’ll be highlighting a different piece we’ve published, going in chronological order, for the first 29 days of October. Because what better way to talk about why you want to keep up with what we’re doing than to talk about all the amazing writers we’ve gotten to work with so far? And holy shit have we been lucky to get to work with some outstanding artists as well!

We’ll be talking up the published work on our social media channels, so drop in as we go. Come talk about favourite pieces, discover new ones, and let our contributors know how much you love their work!


During the entire month of October we’ll be adding an extra issue to purchases of our one- and two-year subscription plans:

We’re mostly focusing on our one- and two-year subscription counts for this. That people keep picking up our lifetime subscriptions is amazingly generous and we are ridiculously grateful for it. We just want to keep our expectations reasonable on this campaign. :D

And to our existing subscribers:

If you purchased a one- or two-year subscription between Goodreads kicking us off their site (09/19 for those keeping track) and the start of this campaign, we've given you the extra issue on your subscription purchase as well. Because we don't think you should get screwed out of that just for rushing to help us out before we could announce we were doing the drive. :)


Want to help us pay better rates to queer/2S POC/Indigenous/Aboriginal creators in 2019? Then follow us in October. Buy some subscriptions. And/or help spread the word.

Let’s get this party started!