Issue 7 Cover and ToC Reveal - Now With Added Poetry!

While we didn't have everything pulled together back in December in time for a ToC/cover reveal of Issue 6 before we had to launch, we do have a chance to give everyone a sneak peek at Issue 7!

You may have heard us talk about how we’re now open to poetry, as well as fiction and non-fiction, and Issue 7 is the first of our 2019 run to feature the new content spread of 4 stories, 2 poems, and a non-fiction piece. So what does the first issue of year three (and that new spread) look like? Have a taste of Issue 7 (April 2019):


Our first issue of 2019's absolutely stunning original cover, "Fajar," is courtesy of kiDChan, whose ethereal, luminous work is a hell of a good way to start out year three. kiDChan's affinity for light and colour and layered dimensions seems an appropriate way to introduce an issue that ranges between abyss-deep darkness and vibrant earth tones - and manages to find some hope for the future along the way. Sometimes in love. Sometimes in resistance. And as ever, cover design is courtesy of the most excellent Monica Miller.

Fiction / Poetry

Moses - L. D. Lewis
Raices (Roots) - Joe Ponce
Planting Season - Jessica Jo Horowitz
Birds of a Feather - Eboni J. Dunbar
Things to do When You Believe You Have Been Cursed: A Checklist. - Maya Chhabra
Inheritance - Qurat Dar


The Secret Tara - Tara Sidhoo Fraser

All of Issue 7's content goes online, free to read, next week (as soon before the end of April as we can swing it), at which time eBooks of the issue will also be available to purchase. Individual issues of Anathema are priced at $3.99 (CAD), and are available (as are subscriptions) through our Store.

See you next week!