Happy New Year! Here's Our 2018 Award Eligible Content!

A slightly belated Happy New Year to one and all!

It’s 2019, and we’re already looking to the future. (Our slush pile isn’t going to read itself.) But right now, we want to take a moment to look at all the fantastic work we published in 2018. Because it’s been a good year for us. Even as the December issues continue to prove tricky to get out the door in a timely fashion…

Oh and in case you missed it, Issue 6 just launched last week and is available to read free here.

And that issue’s release proved the end of a full fucking year.

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Issue 3 is Live! And: Our 2017 Award Eligible Content!

Our third and final issue of 2017 went live last week! Issue 3 is both free to read online and available to purchase from our Store. Subscriptions are also available.

We're posting the news a little later than usual (we like to hit the blog on release day) as the last week has been unusually hectic for the editorial team. So instead of blogging, we spent the bulk of our time on Anathema using social media to blast the release news and focused on fulfillment of materials owed to our contributors, subscribers, and reviewers.

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Issue 2 is Now Live!

Issue 2's line-up has original fiction from Nibedita Sen ("Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree"), Craig Laurance Gidney ("Beneath the Briar Patch"), Wen Ma ("Everything You Left Behind"), Brandon O'Brien ("'Punch God (in the Face)' by The Harmnones"), and Jaymee Goh ("Eruption"), as well as original non-fiction from Renee Christopher ("Say Her Name: The Eternal Lives of Get Out's Heroine"). Our fucking gorgeous cover (yes, we're horribly biased, but also right) is Vivian Ng's "gorgon," which originally appeared in Ladies of Literature: Volume 2.

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Issue 1 is Now Live!

The wait is finally over! Anathema's April 2017 issue launches today! The issue's free to read online, and available to purchase from our Store. Subscriptions are also available.

Subscription and review copies will be mailed out throughout the day, and we're happy to hear from anyone who'd like to receive a free eBook review copy. We're especially interested in hearing from diverse and marginalized reviewers, but happy to get review copies to whoever wants them.

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